Last summer, I went to the island of Seto Inland Sea, the island of Okayam...

Last summer, I went to the island of Seto Inland Sea, the island of Okayama and Hiroshima prefectural boundary, with my circle 's colleagues for two nights and overnight. It was such a wonderful experience that I wanted to introduce Yoshima itself, but this time I will talk about delicious local cuisine I met there. In terms of being an island, there were plentiful seafood and it was on parade of gorgeous cuisines with Thai, Sakako and Abalone one after another. Among them, my favorite is Okayama specialty ""Mamakari pickled pickles"". Although it tends to be buried in other gorgeous dishes, I would like to recommend this dish which exquisitely matched the refreshing acidity of vinegar and the flavor of the fish itself. Recently I often found souvenir shops and it is now possible to order us easily via the net, so please do not hesitate to come by all means. But if you want greed, I would like you to try ""fresh pickled mamakari"" made in a ryokan in Okayama prefecture once. Even if I try to eat it, I can not take responsibility. Aside from the joke, I will guarantee the taste of mamakari. Oh, when I wrote a sentence I want to eat mamakari ・ ・ ・

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