A few years ago, I could not forget the goya champloo I ate before I marri...

A few years ago, I could not forget the goya champloo I ate before I married my husband in Okinawa. Speaking of Okinawan cuisine, goya champur, but I thought something was not good with goya, but it was very tasty. Before going on a trip, I gathered information by doing a preliminary review on a book or net. I found one of them. When I got there, old and small set meal shop, which could not be said to be beautiful even for flattery, grandmother was cutting with one person. I am afraid that a nice grandmother is doing it by herself or not, otherwise it is scary. We are the customers who carry and deliver the finished dishes. Even so, an instruction is given to Grandma by mistake. Although I was listening to rumors, the dishes that I started eating while being ridiculous as it is true are delicious as well as rumors, and the volume is amazing. In addition, saying that Okinawa is the first time, saying this is also delicious, I ordered a number of side dishes that I did not order. I remember all of it was tasty. Even though only ordered items were full of stomach, I thought that I would be sorry if I leave a side dish that gave me a good deal of gratitude, I have the memories I ate desperately with my husband. While I was traveling in Okinawa, I also ate sake basketball and taco rice, but I still have stories to talk with my husband that this grandmother's rice was the most delicious.

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